Are you tired all the time?

Testosterone Testing and Treatment

Are you experiencing low testosterone?

Men's testosterone levels will naturally decrease as they age through their life, however, there are also certain medical conditions which can impact your testosterone levels.  Here are some things that you should look for if you are concerned:

  • Low sex drive (libido)
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Fatigue / feeling tired
  • Depression
  • Irritability 
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Feeling overall "off"

We have 5 trained Medical Providers ready to assist you

on your journey to wellness.

We will do a simple blood test (one draw) to determine if you are experiencing low testosterone.  If you are, then we will decide together, based on your goals and how aggressive you want to be with your treatment, on the plan of action towards treatment.

We do not sell "Testosterone Therapy Packages."  We are your Primary Care provider, set on getting you well again.

Here is how a typical Testosterone Therapy patient will be managed:

Per most insurance companies, they require 2 draws, or BASELINES, to ensure you are in fact, low.

Visit 1 - Draw - Baseline 1 - overall interview

Visit 2 - Draw - Baseline 2 - treatment discussion based on Baseline 1 (if Baseline 2 comes back different then we call you to discuss).

After Visit 2, your provider will, based on your decision to do treatment topically or by injections, seek prior-authorization from your insurance carrier for the testosterone medication.

Start Medication Administration - If you decide to do topically, then you will administer the medication at home, if you decide to take the injection route, we will train you how to self-inject OR you can elect to bring your medication to the office and we will administer the shot to you for you.  (There is a small administering fee.)

Visit 3 - Draw - This is to establish baseline with medication - Is it where it should be now?  (This is usually 4-6 weeks after starting meds.)

Visit 4 - Draw - This is to make sure it has leveled out and continues to be where it should be. (Again, 4-6 weeks after last appt.)

That's it!!  We won't see you again for a while... You won't need to come back in to see us until 6 months later, where we will just do a quick check to see how your levels are doing.  Easy Peasy!