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If you are 60+ miles away from us...

We have several patients that live in physician underserved areas that have met or been treated by our providers in the past and have chosen to continue service.  For those patients, we will offer minor acute care via TeleHealth on a case by case basis.  Call in to speak to our triage nurse, and she will be able to determine if your scope of symptoms are something that we can treat over video conferencing.

In situations where antibiotics or other prescriptions are necessary for treatment, our Provider will be able to call in a prescription for you to your local pharmacy.  No regulated medication except for ADHD/ADD medication can be offered through Video TeleHealth. 

Insurance Concerns:

Currently, the state of North Carolina is lagging behind the country in physician reimbursement for TeleHealth/TeleMedicine.  In most states currently, a physician can treat and be compensated.  In our state, unfortunately, that is not always the case.  NC lawmakers have proposed a Bill that is similar to what has passed in 34 states that will make TeleHealth on parity with an in-person visit and will require private insurance companies to pay.  Also, this will abolish some of the current geographic regulations that make it difficult to have a patient prequalified for TeleHealth.

Our staff will prequalify you for your TeleHealth visits if you are Medicare, Medicaid or a private insurance holder.  We will advise you as to this status so that you will be aware of any additional fees that you may be responsible for prior to your appointment.

Why using OUR TeleHealthjust makes sense: 

  • You aren't talking to a stranger who is unaware of  your past medical or social history.  
  • Your provider will be able to utilize your medical records.
  • If you are away on vacation and become ill, or you are on business, speaking with your own physician can be time saving and helpful.

Don't be scared of Technology!

If you have a cell phone, tablet or home computer, you have everything you need to participate in a TeleHealth video conference with our Providers.  We use a TeleHealth video system that meets all HIPAA rules and regulations by sending all data transfers including video and sound through an encrypted server.  Your privacy remains private!

This is great for:

  • Business Professionals who get sick while out of town.
  • Patients and their families that get sick on vacation.
  • College kids!
  • Homebound special needs and elderly patients.
  • Depression and Mental Health private appointments.

Would you like to see Dr. Emery, Brenda Young, Jamie Pearman or Gina Mello from the comfort of your own home or office?
Well, now you can for some health concerns through our TeleHealth portal.  TeleHealth is a video or phone appointment that we will be able to do for you to satisfy follow-up or check-in requirements for medication checks for certain medications (ADD, ADHD only), Smoking Cessation, Diabetes, Mental Health, Nutrition Education, Weight Loss Management, and more. These services will be offered as an appointment-style service through your home computer, mobile phone, etc. A convenience fee of 60.00 applies and we will file under your insurance where applicable. 
This is a valuable service for those college kids that can't make it home for medication visits, or those that don't wish to leave their home or office for doctor's follow up visits.

We are also open until

7pm on Thursday's

and are open Saturday mornings!