How Can We Help You?

Yes, A Sleep Study AT HOME!

We are pleased that we are now able to offer at home sleep study testing. While Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a common problem, it is often difficult and expensive to make time for a Hospital Based Sleep Study Evaluation. It is often even more difficult to actually sleep during a hospital observed sleep study evaluation. Most insurance companies are now recognizing and preferring the more convenient and less expensive home based study that allows the patient to have a recorded study done at home in the comfort of their own bed. If you are experiencing excessive fatigue despite adequate sleep or symptoms of persistent snoring or if you have sleep apnea and need a sleep study done for continued CPAP use or if you have sleep apnea and are required to have an annual sleep study for a DOT Commericial License, please let us know and we can arrange an at home sleep study that fully meets the diagnostic and treatment criteria for inurance and DOT needs.

Say Goodbye to Annoying Moles, Cysts, Tag Moles, Warts....

Liberty Family Physicians is more than just a place to come when sick! Our office has a procedure room and Dr. Emery can assist you by removing troublesome or embarrassing cysts, moles, tag moles, warts and much more. We will administer a numbing medication that will ensure you have a pain free experience. 

Knee or Large Joint Replacement?

Stop hurting!! Have you been told you need knee replacement surgery? Liberty Family Physicians, PLLC is one of the few offices in South Charlotte to now offer a new treatment for Ortho Arthritis of the knees that is covered by Medicare (and some insurance plans.) This new treatment has been proven to prevent having to get a knee replacement, and has been very effective with thousands of patients across the country. This procedure involves the use of Hyalgen. It is a much lighter substance and tends to get in between the joints better than the thick gel of a Synvisc, which is what most doctors are currently using. We use fluoroscopic guidance to ensure that the injection is exactly where it needs to be; it is a live image x-ray so that the physician can see exactly where it should be administered. NO GUESSING or "blind injections!"
If you would like a risk free consultation, please call our office at 704-844-0505 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Emery. Stop living with pain!

Your eye exam can be covered by your Medical Insurance!

Eye Health is a significant yet often overlooked part of our lives. We are pleased to now be able to offer more advanced ophthalmology screenings in our Family Medicine Primary Care Setting. Many medical problems can cause eye damage and gradual loss of vision. Glaucoma, Diabetes, Macular Degeneration and High Blood Pressure all significantly contribute to loss of vision and blindness in the United States. Various medications may also cause retinal damage. Many people have family histories of glaucoma and other eye disorders and should be screened annually. Early detection is key to treatment. In addition to the standard eye chart, we are now able to perform more advanced screenings including glaucoma tests, visual field testing and retinal imaging. While interventional treatments will require the consultation of a specialist, these early detection primary care tests will hopefully be able to grant greater access to eye care and allow early treatment to a larger number of people. A consultation with an eye doctor will also be necessary if corrective lenses are needed. We will also continue to do vision screening using a standard eye chart in addition to our new tests because these new tests are designed for overall eye health and disease screening and not visual acuity alone.

Allergy Testing / Immunotherapy!

Did you know that we can tell you what you're allergic to just from taking a little blood? There's no more painful back pricking and so forth... our blood panel testing is much more accurate and broad spectrum. Results can include everything from foods to pets to outdoor allergens. Here at Liberty Family Physicians, PLLC, we have a full service lab and would be happy to assist you with this allergy testing service. 

We have some folks ask, "Why are you an independent medical practice? Doesn't it mean you can't do as much as if you were with one of the big companies?" We enjoy their surprise when we explain that we have the freedom to do much MORE with our patients than most Family Practice offices that are a part of those "big companies." Due to the fact that we're not being pressured to send our patients to secondary offices, or specialists, we are able to manage and treat many issues in our office. This prevents the "hand off" to multiple doctors that end up with patients on a carousel of doctor offices. With our being an independent medical office, we can manage our own immunizations, minor surgeries, lab work, x-rays and much more - on site. Also, if we do feel that we need to send you to a specialist, we are not mandated to only send you within a specific system. We can refer you to the physician that we truly feel is the best qualified to treat your condition.
And the number one quality to being an independent physician? The ability to spend TIME with our patients. Read our reviews! They speak volumes on why an independent Family Physician office is the way to go!!

Liberty Family Physicians wants to ask, "Are you aware of everything our office can do for you?" We are proud of the fact that we offer a lot of services in our office that other local medical offices do not. Here is a list of a few common health issues we can address in our office:

Cancer Screening
Weight Loss Management
ADD/ADHD Testing and Follow Up Treatment
Sports Fitness and Sports Medicine
At Home Sleep Study
TeleHealth (Video appointments with your providers!)
Trigger Point Injections
Wart / Mole / Cyst Removal (including face)
Joint Injections

X Ray machine ON SITE

Testosterone Testing and Treatment

We set and cast broken bones!

Fluoroscopy machine ON SITE

Hydration Therapy

Women's Health (to include gyncological care)

Men's Health (to include prostrate screenings)

Hypertension, EKG on-site, also take-home EKG harness
Child Wellness
Full Lab ON-SITE
Women's Health (to include gynecological care)
Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy
In-grown Toe Nail Removal
Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Diabetes
Minor Injuries/Suturing
D.O.T exams (3 providers to choose from)
Glaucoma tests, Visual field testing and Retinal Imaging
Physicals for Sports or other specific event
Instant PT/INR testing in the office
We are open late Thursday evenings
We see all children same day (if call before 4pm).

Come see why we are striving to be the best Family Practice office in the Charlotte area! Call us at 704-844-0505 for an appointment.

Yes, we do D.O.T Physicals!

Liberty Family Physicians is pleased to have two providers on site that can do D.O.T. physicals!  We charge $75.00 for this service and will be able to return your card to you while you are here.  

Hydration Therapy

Hydration therapy is the process of providing liquids to patients experiencing dehydration. Hydration therapy can be provided orally or intravenously via IV infusion. Intravenous administration is typically provided to patients suffering from severe dehydration, and especially to those who are unable to properly hydrate.

We have several different hydration therapies to choose from. If you are sick and choose hydration therapy, your insurance will usually pay for it.  If you are traveling, involved in sports or other activities and you feel that hydration therapy may help you recover, we have a cash pay price.