Our practice provides a breadth of Primary Family Care from newborn to advanced maturity.  Dr. Emery enjoys getting to know his patients and considers each individual person to be unique.  While protocols in medical management of patients may be the baseline of medical care, it takes a knowledgeable  physician to apply medical practices to maximize them to the individual's needs. 

In addition to providing care for a great variety of  acute illnesses like infections, chronic ailments such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and heart disease and well child and adult check ups,  Dr. Emery and his team of knowledgeable PA's  also enjoy providing many other services such as care for simple fractures of bones, lacerations, mole removal, joint injections, allergy testing by bloodwork, allergy treatment and DOT exams.  We have an X-ray machine on site, a full lab and a procedure room.  Additional services include pretravel evaluations and immunizations and adoption evaluations for parents and children.

If and when it is necessary to refer to a specialist, Dr. Emery has the freedom to consult the best specialists within a patient's network regardless of hospital affiliation.

“Dr. Emery takes his time to listen to you, He does not rush you, and he is concerned about your health. He is the best doctor I have ever been to. He has a great bedside manner. My last Dr. I went to him for over 20 yrs and he didn't know I was born with a polio birth defect."

- K. F.

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I have dreaded going to the doctor for over 2 years. I finally switched to Dr. Hank and... had a fantastic experience . Everyone is so friendly and I never once felt like I was just another patient and the staff was awesome. Thank you!!”

- K. M.

“...Literally the best doctor I've ever had!!"

- J. J. H.

“Dr. Hank Emery is the best medical doctor around. He has a kind and caring spirit and is truly called to be a medical doctor. He has helped my wife many times over with her challenging medical condition. When a lot of other doctors would throw up their hands and walk away, Hank was always there for my wife. Thank You Dr. Emery and may God Bless You!"

- J. B.

We have 5 medical providers in our Family Practice office.  We have 3 Female Providers that can provide full GYN care,  2 male Providers, a Sports Medicine/Ortho medical Provider, a full Lab on site, the ability to take X ray as well as Fluoroscopy on site, set and cast broken bones, give joint injections, suture, remove cysts/moles, ADD/AHDH treatment, Hydrotherapy, Allergy testing/treatment and much more.  

"He's just the best. Plain and simple. He genuinely cares about your health and well being."

- P. L.

Our patients will tell you:  We're the best!  Here are just a few of the outstanding patient satisfaction reviews taken from our Liberty Family Physicians, PLLC Facebook Review Page:

Dr. Emery believes the key to being a good physician is to treat each patient as if they were a family member in need of medical advice. For that reason, he has consistently ranked very high in patient satisfaction. http://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-henry-emery-ycvhh

Check us out on Healthgrades.com!

Why choose Liberty Family Physicians, PLLC?

"I'm so thankful to have found Dr. Emery. We switched our year old daughter to this practice recently after having made the decision to not vaccinate her any further. Dr. Emery is extremely understanding and supportive of our decision. He will be my whole family's doctor from now on. Thank you for personalized care! He's kind, personable, knowledgeable, and takes plenty of time with each patient, as doctor's should. Thank you!"

- T.H.

"I have never had a doctor that cares about his patients the way he does. I would always have an anxious feeling every time I would have to see a doctor, even one that I would see on a regular basis. With Dr Emery that anxiety is non-existent, he talks to me at my level, he is very compassionate and has real concern for my health (he wants to know how I am really doing even with my personal life)."

- S.P.

"We love Dr. Emery and every PA that works with him! Great staff and great care!"

- C.M.

"Great practice with compassionate, knowledgeable and friendly people. They listen to your concerns and issues. Taking these in mind they discuss with you all options to get your health back on track."

- J.B.

What can we do for you today?

"I am thankful for Liberty Family Physicians and Dr. Emery's staff for not only supporting me but my family by accepting Tricare. As a retired military member I was very disappointed when I left the military to find out the extremely limited number of providers that accept Tricare. We were blessed to find Dr. Emery (and his staff) not only for the fact they accept Tricare but the exceptional care we receive every visit. No matter where you live in the Charlotte area, I highly recommend Dr. Emery and his staff."

- B.H.

"Love this practice!! Thank you for making health care affordable!!"

- E.H.